I recently graduated from Rock Valley College with my Graphic Design AAS. Throughout my term at RVC, I made many projects from promotional work to my own typeface. Below are my completed projects from my time throughout schooling.

A poster design for the band Waterparks that uses a typeface that I created myself.

A poster that is themed around the typeface Trip Serif.

Custom  handmade font

Promo and Tech Sheet for the Anker Soundcore.

Vans' Brochure featuring their hottest lineup of shoes.

Menu for Rock House Brew

Pokemon Diamond promo book

Photoshop assignment where I combined a turtle and a chameleon.

Mom Jeans Concert Poster

Faz Flyer made in InDesign

Art Project called "My Own Worst Enemy" made in Photoshop.

Poster of Midsummer Station by Owl City.

Magazine cover for vogue.

Movie Poster of Night Terror.

Book Design of Who Needs Lightspeed to Visit Another World?!

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